Catherine Scheers


Co-Founder, Success University for Women

Book 2, Contributing Author of:

Section 1, Chapter 3 – Preparing for Success

Section 2, Chapter 5 – Encouraging Respect

Catherine is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and best-selling author who maximizes employees’ potential within corporations. She is Co-Founder of Success University for Women™ and Co-Author of the best-seller, The Success Secret (Celebrity Press, 2012).

Catherine is a Jack Canfield Success Principles™ Trainer, Certified Professional Success Coach, and graduate of the University of Calgary.

As someone who has held several highly stressful positions, Catherine has a big heart for helping others overcome stress and reach their potential.

Through her Stress to Bliss™ Workshops and Blissful You™ Spas, she helps women release their stress and re-charge their lives.


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