Volume III – Contributing Authors

* Are you a leader or aspire to be one?

* Searching for a leadership mentor that has been where you are?

* Embarking on a more significant leadership role?

In Success University for Women™ in Leadership (Volume III), 20 leaders from six countries around the world address these questions and more. Our Success Sisters hail from industries as varied as sales, accounting, aerospace, education, health care, hotel management, human resources, insurance, the military, professional development, and the arts.

These authors have all faced career challenges that they overcame to become leaders. They come from all walks of life— some are younger, some more seasoned; some are introverts, others extroverts; career women and entrepreneurs; mothers, grandmothers and women without children. They faced losses and they’ve had victories. Their occupations differ wildly; they reside all around the world, their ages range from the 30’s to the 70’s. Yet they have encountered similar struggles—in health, love, careers, money, and with family. You may see your own challenges reflected in their stories.

Let their experiences and guidance empower you in your leadership quest.

Section 1 – Getting in the Door

These authors transparently share their struggles and successes, and the strategies they used to become leaders in their careers.

Section 2 – Inspiring

Regardless of where you are in your career path, these chapters will inspire you to reach out and help others up, which is the true mark of a leader.

Section 3 – Unifying

No one succeeds in business alone. Learn from the experiences of these female leaders how effective team leadership can accelerate your success.

Section 4 – Influencing

We all leave a legacy when we depart this world. Will your legacy inspire others?


Success University for Women Upcoming Editions

Do you want to be an author in an upcoming Success University for Women™ book? Are you a successful woman creating success ripples and have an inspirational message to share with the world? Contact us at submit@successuniversityforwomen.com with the words ‘SUW Writer Proposal’ in the Subject line to share your inspiring success stories. You may become a contributor in one of our upcoming volumes.