Our Third SUW Book (Volume III)

Our third book Success University for Women™ in Leadership is dedicated to every woman who stepped up to lead and influence us, sacrificing greatly at times, to ensure we were ready to take a renewed and greater role in all areas of our lives. These women were and are in our homes, communities, and the world.

In the history of civilization, women’s primary roles have been child bearers and homemakers. They have not traditionally been viewed as leaders. However, in the last 400 years, and especially in the last 100, more and more women are stepping into the limelight as leaders.

These well-known women are leading the way in many areas of business and culture, providing leadership models for millions of women and girls around the world. You will see the names of these leaders on ‘word cloud’ diagrams in each section of this book.

Take time to thank our fabulous co-authors, for leading by example – as well as, leaders in your personal experience, for blazing the trail, courageously leading the way, and bravely breaking stereotypes to make a real difference in the world.

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