Our First SUW Book (Volume I)

Our initial Success University for Women™ book shares the lessons of the “school of hard-knocks” of the authors – lessons learned the hard way, through life, through mistakes, by searching for answers, reading books, taking courses, finding mentors, learning a better way.

This book is dedicated to the many women who have gone before us, lighting the path for women in business throughout the world. It’s for our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors who taught us the qualities that will be shared in this book. It’s for the women in our lives – our daughters, sisters, nieces, friends, and of course our fabulous co-authors, who inspired and encouraged us each step of the way. We hope you will see the love we feel for you reflected back in this book.

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Sneak Preview – Our Original Success University for Women™ Book

Section 1 – Sourcing Success

For those who are just starting out in their career, switching careers or just entering a new chapter in their lives. Our inspirational authors will encourage you; their stories will strengthen your determination.

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Section 2 – Striving for Success

We share the stories of very different and ambitious women from around the world, who unwaveringly found a way around obstacles, and provide a beacon to guide us on our own path to success.

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Section 3 – Smoothing Success

On the road to success, life happens; the unexpected occurs and we must be prepared to handle it and keep going. These women met life head-on and became more in the process.

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Section 4 – Soaring in Success

Our contributing authors demonstrate that success takes stamina, constant-evolving, learning to dance with life with grace and courage, and staying connected to the true source of wisdom.

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After you have read the stories from our Success University for Women™ book, completed the Companion Workbook, and incorporated this ‘curriculum’ into your own life, you will be ready to graduate from Success University for Women™. All convocations come with a Graduation Certificate!

To obtain your Certificate of Achievement, please email us at: certificate@successuniversityforwomen.com with the word ‘Certificate’ in the subject line.

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