Section 1 – Sourcing Success

Whether you are new to the business world, beginning a new chapter in your life, or need a good, swift kick in your determination, this section is for you.

Sourcing Success refers to finding the direction, tools, and focus you need to succeed. Your teachers for this course hail from seven countries, three continents, and speak four languages. They are all successful in their own right, and have stood where you now stand: at a new beginning, a fresh start.

Organizational Expert and French-Canadian Television Personality Caroline Rochon bravely chose to focus on clarity after a traumatic event in her life. Lourdes Carmona Gutiérrez from Spain was struck by similar clarity early in life and chose to believe in her dream despite the obstacles to becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot. Estelle Nuka persisted in her determination to become one of Malawi’s few Chartered Accountants, even after a tragic, heart-breaking loss. Lori Harder from the United States exemplifies the discipline required for personal and professional success, while England’s Susan Treadgold shares one of the best-kept secrets of success: Energy. But success without staying true to oneself is hollow— American Trisha Jacobsen is a role model for authenticity.

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May you find within their compelling stories the wisdom, courage, and inspiration for your own journey.