Section 2 – Striving for Success

What separates the wheat from the chaff, the successful people from the masses? What makes one person strive for more and work harder, while others are content to sit on the couch or take it easy?

The answer is Ambition: that striving, reaching, stretching oneself to be the best you can be. Striving for Success contains the stories of ambitious women from around the world who found a way around obstacles to succeed.

Lawyer Sharon Cahir strived for, and found, success in spite of a recession that rocked Ireland. Michelle Chedotal of United Arab Emirates is the master of reinvention, constantly striving for self-improvement and teaching others tools to improve their own lives. American chef Beth Gardiner shares how staying open to possibilities allowed success to flow into her life, while Dr. Mayra Llado designed her ideal life as a Cosmetic Dentist in Puerto Rico. England’s Amanda Brown stares down one of our greatest fears: Feedback. Amanda shares how she went from shrinking from feedback to seeking it out in order to better herself. Entrepreneur Jean Buending inspires us with her story of decades of persistence, one of the meta-themes you’ll see emerging from the stories in this book.

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These women are as different as night and day, yet their ambition to get ahead in life—their striving for achievement—is a beacon to guide us on our own path to success.