Section 3 – Smoothing Success

On the road to success, life happens; the unexpected occurs and we must be prepared to handle it and keep going. Yet not everyone does—some falter or fall back; others regroup with even more tenacity and conviction and plow forward. The authors in Smoothing Success are in the second category—they met life head-on and became more in the process.

Success University for Women™ Co-Founder Catherine Scheers from Canada shows us by example how to handle life’s storms. Russia’s Anastasia Davidova teaches us indomitable leadership skills. Conversely, Danne Reed from the U.S. shows how strong Courageous Femininity can be. Denmark’s Lotte Vesterli has gained much by learning to trust her Intuition, and American Jennie Ritchie is the embodiment of Mettle or Stick-to-it-iveness. And just to lighten things up a bit, Canadian Carla White shows us the value of humour when faced with life’s obstacles.

Whether you are in North America, Russia, Denmark, or anywhere in between, the principles of success still apply. These authors exemplify the principles they are sharing here with you, so that you, too, may face life’s obstacles and come out swinging.

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