Section 4 – Soaring in Success

Once upon a time, a little girl worked hard only once in a while, never had anything go wrong, and achieved success with no effort at all. But here in the real world, we know that’s a fallacy – mostly.

Some of us cling to the hope that if we work hard enough, long enough, eventually it will get easier – right? Well, sometimes, but more often than not success takes stamina, constant evolving, learning to dance with life with grace and courage, and staying connected to the true source of wisdom.

The authors you are about to read in Soaring in Success learned to do just that. Success University for Women™ Co-Founder Jan Fraser of Bermuda is Unsinkable in so many ways. Dubai’s Carol Talbot became a life-long student and now teaches others to get out of their own way. American Amina Makhdoom shows by her example the benefits of Ease and flow, versus forcing and striving toward success. Jacqueline Throop- Robinson shares how her Passion for her business propelled her toward success, while American Jani Ashmore bravely teaches us to be Fearless on the road to success. And last but by no means least, Anita Sanchez of the U.S. shows us how connection to her ancestors and Spirit guides her on life’s journey.

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From Dubai to Bermuda, and many points in between, these women all encountered similar challenges and learned how to overcome them to soar in their success. May you gain their wisdom and courage as they share their hearts and stories with you.