Here’s what a few other thought leaders and inspiring people are saying about Success University for Women™

“This book is a MUST READ for women moving through the tough challenges of navigating a successful career or business. The phenomenal authors of Success University for Women™ have experienced tragedy, failure, unimaginable losses – and each found a way through the darkness into the light. Grab hold of this lifeline! It will be the most empowering, motivating thing you’ll do all year.”

Teresa de Grosbois

International bestselling author of Mass Influence - The Habits of the Highly Influential, and Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council

“If you’re a woman, you need this book! If you’re a man, you’d be wise buy it for your wife, daughter, sisters. Twenty-four amazing women have shared their life success stories to make your life better. This book is full of wisdom, inspiration, and suggestions that will stir your heart and spur you on to action in whatever endeavor you are engaged, even if it is just LIFE!”

Sally Huss

Amazon Best-Selling Children’s Books Author

“You have a vision. But you won’t get far without the skills and tools to make it a reality. Success University for Women™ will open the door to your potential and the world of possibility that lies beyond. The rest is up to you.”

Susan Macaulay

Creator and Curator of AmazingWomenRock. com

“As an early bird in the women’s movement, now at 85, I can say that this book tells the story brilliantly of what we can do to fulfill our own magnificent destinies at a time when the world is in deep need of feminine co-creativity and genius. Bravo to all of us!”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation of Conscious Evolution

“Success University for Women™ demonstrates the importance of women. Their values, their different points of view, their patience, effort, constancy … and how wonderful it will be if women join their intelligence to change the world. As Margaret Thatcher said, ‘Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t’.”

Mayte Domingo

CEO Hospitality Sport, Spain

“Whether you are a new professional or entrepreneur, just embarking on your personal (and business) journey; or a woman navigating challenging transitions in her work and home life; or an over-achiever now looking for more fulfillment and success, this book is an inspirational roadmap for all women.”

Marie Warner

CEO & Founder, Boston Women Connect

“This book demonstrates that the power that is within us is greater that the power that is around us. It contains moving stories of remarkable women who have defied all odds to achieve the highest of their dreams.”

Roselyn Mkweza-Thupa

Head, Commercial Banking, Standard Bank Malawi

“I’ve been helping women find themselves for over 35 years as a psychotherapist, educator and originator of the groundbreaking RIM Method, an inventive way to tap your emotional operating system for better health. Having worked alongside many of these women, I know their intention is to support and uplift YOU. Read their stories, follow their strategies, find your new path. I was truly inspired by this book – I know you will be, too.”

Deb Sandella

Ph.D., M.A., R.N., award-winning author and founder of The RIM Institute

“As the Dalai Lama said, ‘The world will be saved by the Western woman.’ This famous quote from the leader of Tibetan Buddhism points to the power of conscious, financially secure women to lead the way in uplifting the collective consciousness of humanity.

The contributing authors of Success University for WomenTM, regardless of whether they live in the East or in the West, offer deep wisdom and clear guidance to those who are yearning for a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning in their lives and are committed to taking loving care of all life on the planet.”

Carolyn Anderson

co-founder of Global Family and Hummingbird Community, co-author of The Co-Creator’s Handbook